Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer time fun~!

Life lately has just been happening!  Abigail had her friend Danny and Roane's birthday party weekend before last and Jack tagged along!  He had never bowled before and loved it!  Abigail had a lot of fun too seeing her friends!

I want to thank my friend Deanna for personalizing these beach towels for me!  I love love love how they turned out!  If you need anything, monogrammed, personalized or appliqued she is your go to girl!

Robert, the children and I packed up and headed south to the Outer Banks last Tuesday!  We stayed in Nags Head and joined The Marshall's and Flippen's in Corolla!  We had such a great week and loved being with everyone!
Abigail and Lena had a really great time together! 
The kid's loved having Auntie Elizabeth around!

 John, Thomas, Abigail, Lena and Jack!

Abigail, Thomas and Lena!

Jack loved putting this Elmo firefighter puzzle together and requested that Bill help him this time! :) Thomas joined in on the fun too!

Abigail, Will, Kate and Thomas having hot dogs and hamburgers!

We had dinner at mama and daddy's on sunday afternoon and Jack had to ride the lawnmower with Pop's!

Abigail and Jack both started swim lessons yesterday, here they are before we left early yesterday morning!
And I just have to put this on here so I won't forget it!  Today I was watering and pulling off the dead hibiscus blooms on my plant!  Jack was on the deck with me and was walking around waving the American flag and just as nonchalant he asked me if it was called a "HIBISCUIT"  I laughed so hard, oh that boy!  There is a lesson here, they are listening to everything we say!   

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