Monday, July 6, 2015

Calling all firemen!

Jack loves fire trucks, if I had to guess right now as to what he will be 20 years from now it would be a firefighter!  Every time we drive by a fire house he gets so excited and if we see or hear sirens no matter what it is, an ambulance or police car he inevitably says it's a fire truck!  I knew he would absolutely love visiting cousin Bill's fire station.   Bill so graciously gave the children a tour, he served them ice cream and let them try on his gear!  It was a lot of fun and I know my children will never forget it!  We can't wait to go back!!!!

Thank you Bill for an extra special tour!  It was great!
After we left the fire station we had dinner at the yacht club with Margaret!  Here are Jack and Lena looking at the boats!

I think it's safe to say Jack was done! ;)

Mama and daddy had a cook out for the 4th!  We spent the day there and it was so much fun!
 Watching some baseball!!!!!!

Ofcourse music was made and this little boy hung right in with Pop's and his uncles strumming along on this guitar!  And apparently when I wasn't in there put on quite a show singing "Wagon Wheel."

Landon doing sparklers!

Mom took cover on the swing when the rain set in!


My heart was smiling, loved having my brother's and our families together.  We were all soaked at this point, the rain was coming down!

Rob on guitar!

We watched the fireworks at the high school and as always they were awesome!


Abigail is doing great in swimming lessons!  Today she swam the whole length of the pool learning the breaststroke!

Jack wanted to look for crabs while Abigail was in lessons, so we walked down the docks looking but never found any!

Here is Jack with his instructor Miss Melissa, he loves her!

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