Thursday, July 16, 2015

A renewed sense of me.

I woke up on a Monday morning 3 weeks ago with plans to workout and pack for our upcoming vacation.  Instead I woke up with stomach and back pains like nothing I had ever had before.  I went on with my day although I didn't workout simply because I didn't feel good.  I kept thinking it would go away and it came and went while we were on vacation.  I did feel good enough to run one morning while we were away but that was it.  I have only ran twice in three weeks.  When I am better I just may run across the country so watch out!  ;)  Finally I went to urgent care the day after we got home from vacation for them to tell me they just weren't sure what it was and to see my family doctor in a few days if I didn't feel better.  All of my blood work was perfect.  I kept wondering and reading what in the world could be causing this discomfort inside of me.  I went to my family doctor a few days later and she put me on an anti inflammatory for ten days.  I took my medicine and on the tenth day still no relief.  I finally scheduled an ultrasound so mama went with me.  I know the awesome girl that did my ultrasound and she definitely put me a ease.  I have to admit, I wasn't scared of what may be found but somewhat anxious.  I have a 1 cm stone, sludge or polyp laying at the neck of my gull bladder.  YES, finally an answer.  My grandmother kept saying I was having twins, no twins Mom!!!  :)    So I will be having a procedure on Monday to remove my gull bladder.

I have learned a lot through these last weeks about myself and about life.  I think just the not knowing was the real hard part.  My mind went places I had never gone before.  All of the what if's.....what if it's something really serious and I am not able to care for my children, husband and my family the way I need and want to.  Also what if it's something really minor like my gull bladder or appendix and why didn't I get an ultrasound sooner?!  I was also surprised at Abigail's reaction.  She and I were sitting outside when I told her I would be having surgery and that she would be staying with Mimi and Pop's for a few days.  I did not expect her to cry when I told her.  I quickly gathered my thoughts and assured her this was nothing serious and I was going to be just fine. 

I feel renewed by this experience and incredibly blessed that this is a simple fix. 


  1. I had mine taken out a few years ago and it's not a bad surgery at all! Sending prayers to you and your family Rhonda.

  2. So sorry, Rhonda. I saw your Mama today and would have mentioned it. Please tell her I did not you have feeli,g so terrible. Hugs to you and lots of love

    1. Thank you Ginger. I will tell Mama! Love to you all too.