Saturday, October 31, 2015

Cinderella and The Train Conductor!

Halloween - 2015

Our Halloween festivities kicked off with Jack's fun pre-school party!  Mimi (mama) went on Abigail's field trip to Green Hand Farm, no pictures but they had a lot of fun!

They sang songs and danced around the stage!  We laughed right hard, so darn cute!!  Ms. Leslie and Ms. Rachel are really awesome, Jack loves both of them so much.

Here they are before we left home!  Would you look at that smirk on Jack's face, OMG this boy!!!!!   Mimi and Pop's came over and brought them their Halloween bags!  So fun!
Love my wreath, my dad bought that for me!  :)
Grandmama, Abigail and Jack! 
She had special treats that she had made up for each great grandchild.

We checked out the haunted trail at Thomas Hunter Middle School!  I'm so glad we did, they loved it, we saw some fun friends and it was kind of spooky!!! ;)

I adore this picture.

Mom, Abigail and Jack!  She gave each of them special gifts!

We ventured to Granddaddy's too, they love him so much.
We had a wonderful night and I was so excited to go to some of our favorite houses!  I think they have enough candy to last through next year!

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