Monday, October 26, 2015

Trick or Treat!

We had a really fun weekend!  It was full of happiness and cool temperatures and sweet reminders that fall is here!  We are thrilled that Halloween is this weekend!  We have our costumes ready and Abigail and Jack could not be more excited!  Last year Jack was not into Halloween, he could have cared less to the point that he didn't even wear his costume! HA!  This year we've been reading our Halloween books and he seems really excited!  

For the record my children are NOT into taking pictures these days.  So car shots where they are in their seats seem to be my best bet to get them in a photo lately!  I'm sure it's just a phase, atleast I hope!

Abigail has really been into looking at my old high school year books lately.  This has prompted a lot of questions and conversations about her dad and I.  Robert and I were in the same kindergarten class and we were also in the same circle of friends all throughout school but never dated.  This has been a lot of fun but I think it's time to put these up for a while! ;) 


We visited my grandmother recently and sat out on her porch and talked!  Abigail and Jack love going to Gigi's, they always get treats and fun things to play with!  Uncle Ricky even joined us for a bit!!  :)

My precious Jack.

Layla was here last week since she was on fall break from school!  She came over Friday afternoon and we carved pumpkins Friday night.  This girl is something else, she carved this all by herself, I was totally impressed, she was really into it!  I love her so much.

Jack Jack! 

Happy Halloween week! :)

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